30+ Global Distributors

We now have over 30 distributors around the world who carry Pixy and other Charmed Labs products! Check out the full list here: http://charmedlabs.com/default/where-to-order-pixy/

If you’d like to apply for distributor status, please send us an email with your web store and some details about your location and business. Some of our underserved markets are Russia, Taiwan, and Israel. Get in touch at [email protected]

We made it to the Ben Heck Show!

This is a big day for Pixy. Our gallant vision sensor has been featured as part of a sweet automated video camera build on the Ben Heck Show! In the 2-part video below, he shows how he manufactures his own pulley and pan/tilt system, along with a custom Pixy mount that attaches to the hot shoe of the video camera. We’re stoked to be featured on the show! Dig the episode: