Pixy is still available, but we recommend Pixy2. It’s smaller, faster and smarter than the original Pixy!

Great “hello world” demo

The Pan/Tilt Kit adds the ability to track objects outside Pixy’s field of vision. It makes a great “hello world” demo, making Pixy responsive to your gestures and movements.

Custom made for Pixy

We created this kit specifically for Pixy – so it works great! The kit includes:

  • two servomotors
  • custom acrylic base
  • FOUR rubber feet!
  • all necessary hardware

Easy to assemble

Complete assembly instructions are here. It’s pretty simple to put together, and the Pan/Tilt program is built into PixyMon already! So you can be up and running quickly.

Note, the pan/tilt mechanism is not compatible with Pixy for LEGO Mindstorms.

Where Can I Buy?

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