Hi everybody!

Just a quick update for y’all. All rewards and pre-orders have shipped! yay! Not everyone has received their rewards and pre-orders yet, but that will hopefully happen soon. Cool!

Yeah….. so…….. uh……….. how’s the weather been in your part of the world? (what do we talk about now that everything has shipped?)

Oh, development! We’ve been getting lots of emails the last couple weeks, so development has sorta lagged, but here are some things that are worth mentioning:

  • Linux support. Check it out! Tell us if it works, doesn’t work, what you needed to do to make it work. Thanks!
El Linux con Pixy
  • We have a new firmware version that fixes the “daylight overexposure issue”. Download here. Use the instructions here to get new firmware on your Pixy. (BTW thanks everyone for your patience regarding this.)
  • Some Mac users have reported instability with PixyMon. We haven’t been able to reproduce on our end, but we are working with these users to shed more light on it and fix. You can help by mailing info to us (support a t charmedlabs d o t com) including crash reports and info about your system. And by by testing future PixyMon builds, and giving us thumbs up/down.
  • USB issues. Some issues have been solved by using different USB cables. Some appear to be USB 3.0 (and/or hardware) related. These have mostly been reported on Windows machines, but there have been 1 or 2 Mac users report this. We have some leads and will hopefully reproduce and fix within the next week. Like above, you can help by mailing your experiences (support a t charmedlabs d o t com). Just remember that if you’re using the pan/tilt mechanism with Pixy, use a shorter USB cable (3 ft or less is best).
  • We’re still on the hook (so to speak) for color codes and face detection. We expect color code support in the next firmware release (in the 2-3 week timeframe.) Face detection will come afterwards.

After color codes and face detection are done/released/stable, we’ll be polling you for the next capabilities for our little guy. Some of you already get this, but new firmware and algorithms for Pixy can create a completely new sensor: QR code detector/decoder, pupil tracker, motion measurer, wildlife detector, stale kidney bean counter, etc. These new future capabilities will be available to you and anyone who has a Pixy. We won’t be able to do everything everyone wants, but if we get a lot of enthusiasm for a particular capability, we’ll try our darndest to get it working as soon as possible. So think about it and send your thoughts!

Thank you all again for helping make this possible!

What should we talk about?

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