4 awesome videos from Pixy robot builders

What have people been making with Pixy? Lots of cool stuff, apparently! Every week we scour Youtube for fresh videos from Pixy users around the world. We add the most popular ones to our Youtube playlist called “What Can You Make With A Pixy?”

Read on for a few of our favorites…

Torbjorn’s Turret – a real-life recreation of an auto-tracking cannon from the game “Overwatch.” Burly motors and a manual mode, complete with laser-assisted first-person video targeting(!) make this a badass build! Continue reading “4 awesome videos from Pixy robot builders”

A simplified website

Our previous website was geared for ecommerce and product pages.  We licensed or sold all of our product designs, so our site was no longer a good fit.  This new site will be a simpler way to interact with our customers and let them know what’s new.  Our old site can still be accessed here though.

Previous website design
Previous website design