New from Charmed Labs! Vizy, your AI camera minion

Exciting news – we just launched a new product on Kickstarter! It’s called Vizy, and it’s a powerful, easy-to-use use AI vision platform, built around Raspberry Pi.

Vizy can help defend your birdfeeder from squirrels, explore the physics of everyday objects, show you the wonders of space from the comfort of your own couch, and much more!

animation of Vizy camera recognizing a picture of a giraffe and texting it to a scientist

What makes Vizy special is a combination of custom hardware, a sleek Python-programmable web interface, and a variety of included programs that make it easy to do cool things like identify 20 different bird species, read text, capture the motion of moving objects, remote control telescopes, etc. etc.

Want to learn more? Check out our campaign!

animation of Vizy recognizing the letters in a sign that a scientist is holding that says "Please support our Kickstarter!"

NXP HoverGames provides a Pixy2 camera to 100 lucky teams

We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for the HoverGames Challenge winners to be announced!

Put on by NXP and, the challenge pairs individuals and teams with a custom drone development kit, which (for 100 lucky participants who win a hardware coupon) includes a Pixy2 camera for object recognition. The goal is to figure out novel ways to assist firefighting crews – delivering supplies, scanning fires for hot spots, or something else.

Good luck to the teams and to the judges! We are happy to see our technology being used to build a healthier and more resilient world.

Another win for Pixy2-enabled line follower!

What’s this? Only the fastest line following robot in the world!

Congratulations to Giannos Eleftheriou and the Neapolis U crew for another win, this time at the XII Robotic Arena in Poland – first and second place in the Line Following Turbo category!

Check out the video before for the mind-bogglingly fast final run. Pixy2 onboard! Look for a research paper soon.

Announcing: Pixy2 for Lego Mindstorms

You asked, and we listened – Pixy2 for Lego Mindstorms is now a reality!

Functionally, Pixy2 for Lego retains all the features you’ve come to love – line following, integrated LED light source, and color tracking mode – and adds the ability to connect to the Mindstorms EV3 brick with the included cable.

We’ve also updated our software library for the Mindstorms programming environment, so you can just drag and drop the Pixy2 block into your program to receive data directly.

Already own a Pixy2 and want to upgrade? Good news! All you need is a free firmware upgrade and a $9 cable – see our instructions here.

Available now from Robotshop and More distributors rolling out soon!

Note: this product is not affiliated with or produced by Lego Group.


Hi folks, we are so excited to announce the release of Pixy2! That’s right, your favorite vision sensor has been completely upgraded, hardware and firmware alike.

Here’s a quick video to catch you up to speed:

New features include:

  • Smaller, faster and lower cost
  • Easy line tracking with new line-following algorithms
  • Built-in light source (dual LEDs) for illuminating what Pixy is looking at
  • Redesigned Pan/Tilt unit
  • Available now at distributors around the world!

Click here to purchase Pixy2 today!

4 awesome videos from Pixy robot builders

What have people been making with Pixy? Lots of cool stuff, apparently! Every week we scour Youtube for fresh videos from Pixy users around the world. We add the most popular ones to our Youtube playlist called “What Can You Make With A Pixy?”

Read on for a few of our favorites…

Torbjorn’s Turret – a real-life recreation of an auto-tracking cannon from the game “Overwatch.” Burly motors and a manual mode, complete with laser-assisted first-person video targeting(!) make this a badass build! Continue reading “4 awesome videos from Pixy robot builders”