What have people been making with Pixy? Lots of cool stuff, apparently! Every week we scour Youtube for fresh videos from Pixy users around the world. We add the most popular ones to our Youtube playlist called “What Can You Make With A Pixy?”

Read on for a few of our favorites…

Torbjorn’s Turret – a real-life recreation of an auto-tracking cannon from the game “Overwatch.” Burly motors and a manual mode, complete with laser-assisted first-person video targeting(!) make this a badass build!



Ben Heck’s Auto-Tracking Video Camera – filmed in two parts, this is an excellent build video with lots of detail. Ben designs and builds (from scratch!) a motorized camera tilt on rails that can quickly acquire a target to center on while filming.


Hexapod Tracking – if this robot doesn’t give you the creeps, you’re probably not human. Or you’re an entomologist 😀 seriously though, this is an extremely lifelike 6-legged robot with a Pixy mounted on a flexible neck. Nice work Erik!


Wall-E Robot – in line with Pixy’s cartoonish aesthetic, this is a great reproduction of the adorable robot from the Pixar movie Wall-E. We wish it moved forward / back but it’s still a sweet build!


That does it for this edition of the video roundup. Thanks to all the folks using Pixy to make great projects! We’re glad to help envision your robot.

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Thanks for watching and reading!

4 awesome videos from Pixy robot builders

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